2020 Re-Launch

Warriorscape has fallen.

From the ashes, we rise as Stories Ignited.

Warriorscape is gone, or at-least that silly old name is! In truth, the name came from an old project that never quite saw the light of day. It was supposed to be an epic text adventure – an idea so massive that it developed into  something you’re more likely to know about today (God Games).

Needless to say, it didn’t pan out… and the name no longer felt right. I spent a long time trying to figure out what I wanted to do, how I wanted to do it, and where exactly I was headed with the future of my site. 

And, well.. surprise!

Now I know, and that future is Stories Ignited!

Cool, but what does that mean for God Games?

As you know, God Games came to an abrupt end… no warning, just a cliffhanger. Looking back on it now, it sucked, I know and I’m sorry, but fret not! God Games was not only a huge part of my original site, it was also my very first publish project ever – and I have no intention of letting it collect dust any longer. 

For the last few months, I’ve managed to strip the entire story apart piece by piece and rebuild it into something entirely new. In fact, I’ve made the world an even darker, scarier place than the original story had ever been – and this time, we’ll be starting at the beginning.

When will God Games return?

What about all other projects?

God Games is over and done.

Well, okay, that’s not entirely true.. but, it will live on through its successor, Bloodlines: The Cloudless Storm, however, is planned for late Spring 2020 (~ June 26th) with weekly chapter releases every Friday. However, it may be delayed until early Summer 2020 (~ July 10th) while I wrap things up. That being said, you can expect an announcement to drop on June 26th for whether we’re a go or not.. but the July launch is looking to be more and more likely.

Now let’s talk about the fate of a long neglected project…

Origins / Project SOUL was a project mostly shrouded in mystery, especially after seeing some weird and neglected shit on the internet with an EXE file that probably doesn’t even work anymore. Despite this, I still remember every aspect of this story – even the characters (i.e Utvara & Aldukoa). And guess what? I figured out exactly what to do with it all… which brings me to its successor:

Legends is a series of interactive stories revolving around the history of Bloodlines’ universe with character’s destinies already set in stone, starting with Legends: Polarity. More information about this project will surface as Bloodlines’ story continues to progress.

Outside of our main focus, of course, we also have our survival-esque RPG superpower side project:

Deviants is an (in-development) interactive story based around a mysterious virus that grants strange powers to unfortunate individuals across the world. This epic adventure features twin siblings (Jaxon & Jaelyn), each with their own lives and futures which will progressively change based on choices the player makes. Of course, some decisions are irreversible, no matter how hard you try to change it – in fact, it’s probably best that you remember that this game is about choices and learning to live with them. After all, you only get one life, one chance. And if you’re lucky enough to get a second chance, don’t waste it.

That's all I've got for now!

See you in the next one!

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