Bloodlines cover

The Cloudless Storm

With the summer festival and her chance for freedom right around the corner, Ashaa must demonstrate decorum and disinterest over lifelong temptations, but the presence of a strange yet familiar outsider may invoke desires far more sinister.​

[Bloodlines is related to Legends.]
Legends cover


It’s too soon to talk about Polarity or any of the legends on Phanteras, but this story will most certainly involve Christian and Elayna… as well as their role in how Phanteras came to be.

[Legends is related to Bloodlines.]
Deviants cover


Deviants is an interactive story about choices and learning to live with them. You only get one life, one chance. And if you’re lucky enough to get a second chance, don’t waste it.
God Games cover

God Games

God Games was the beginning of an epic series that followed the star-crossed lives of Ashaa and Kaliska. Although the project was eventually retired and rebuilt, you can still read the original series here.

[God Games has ended and is now known as Bloodlines.]
Project SOUL cover

Project SOUL

Project SOUL was an interactive story previously under development. Unfortunately, it just didn't make the cut.

[Project SOUL has been scrapped.]

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